Red and Blue. 2006
Hector Marin-Arias
Oil on canvas. 9x12"

Heads. 2006. 
H. Marin-Arias
Acrylic on paper

Men Bird.2006.
H. Marin-Arias
Acrylic on paper. 9x12" 
Princess. 1989
H. Marin-Arias
Oil on canvas 13x17" 

The only way I can describe process, is as my own experience.
As I said before my way of expressing myself is through painting,
however I am going to describe my process of painting.

The process of painting takes me to places I never imagine I could go.
It forces me to do things that go against the established rules of
harmony, balance, and composition.
It pushes me beyond rationality, and at some point I find myself in a
different realm, in which intuition is the master guide and 
improvisation is the king rule.

This is process for me.

The way it works, or how is implemented is very
complicated for me to explain, however I am going to describe it:
When drawing, painting, or working with clay, I start working
following warm hints that permeate the surface I am working on,
sometimes destroying those hints, and bringing them back with
few or major changes, but always finding the next or new link that
opens different branches, which takes me into a path of
contradictions and dissolutions leading me to take aesthetic
decisions that I never knew I was able to take.

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