Urban Wall # 11. Acrylic on canvas.
24x36''Hector Marin-Arias. 1998.
This painting was part of  the exhibit
"Liberty Enlightening the World" that 
was held at the Water Front Museum
in New York City. A juried art exhibit.
Mr. Petere M. Waldman, was the
Firsrt Mate Curator.

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Artist Statement: as a visual artist, it is very difficult for me to express
myself other than through painting.
After almost 50 years of painting 
I arrived at the conclusion that the
creative process of painting is more important to me than any other aspect of my work. 
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Urban Wall # 15. Kuculcan. 2003. Acrylic and paper on canvas.32x40"
Hector Marin-Arias. New York. 
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Se me hace muy dificil expresarme
si no es pintando, la pintura es mi
medio de expresion. Despues de
casi medio siglo de estar pintando
he llegado a la conclusion de que
en mi trabajo lo mas importante para mi es el proceso creativo.
Painting is my life. When I was a child I was
painting. My first contac with the art world was as an apprentice of  an sculptor. Her name was Mercedes Gutierrez Sandino, and
at the time we were making small saints in
plaster. She helped me to get in the fine arts
school were I met master Penalba. Next I was an art student. It was 1960, and I was in
Managua, Nicaragua. In 1967 I moved to my
country, were I was born; Costa Rica. In 1970
I traveled to Spain, and to France, and spent
about 15 years in Europe. For a while I went
back to San Jose, Costa Rica. In 1988  I first came to Miami, and in 1989 to New York,
were I live ever since. I have a BA from Queens College, and a MFA from Brooklyn
Kuculcan is a priest, and also a god from the Maya mythology in Central America. In this painting he is depicted in the streets of New York City,
and he is selling some of his sacred symbols, in order to survive,
it seems to me that he is  an illegal immigrant.
The background relates to the Maya culture ( hieroglyphs), and the posters and graffiti relate to the arrival of the Spaniards to America, and
to the legend of Kuculcan, also known as Quetzalcoatle.

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